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4 marketing tips for those who want to sell security projects!

The security projects market is a market with a good expansion base around the world, but in order to conquer this slice of customers, a lot of creativity and mastery of marketing techniques are required.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about some tips that will help both companies and independent security professionals to get ahead of the competition.

Are you interested in the subject? Then read on to find out more!

Use Inbound Marketing to publicize your security projects

The number one basic lesson for any professional who wants to start working on their image better with their clients is to define which type of marketing works best in their line of business.

Want an example? Banks are companies like others and use marketing to attract customers. However, its main objective is not to sell any product at first – Therefore, your marketing strategy will be radically different from that of a supermarket, whose objective is not only to win more customers, but also to be able to sell to them, that is, the focus of your strategies will be sales.

And in our case, as it is about selling security projects, an excellent strategy would be to use Inbound Marketing (check out HubSpot Inbound Marketing Strategy).

Inbound Marketing is a type of marketing focused on winning the customer’s attention by offering good content and only then proposing the closing of a deal. It is so effective with security projects because it is based on the idea that the professional must first present himself as an authority on the subject and, thus, gain the trust of the client.

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Do word of mouth marketing

Trust is the keyword when it comes to security projects. Thus, another type of marketing very effective for this branch is word-of-mouth marketing.

People tend to trust their friends and family, don’t they? – if your best friend vividly recommended a good security professional, wouldn’t you hire him?

So it is worth trying to invest in word of mouth marketing with your customers. With it you can get good chances of referral and increase your client base.

So, try to follow the tips below:

  • Make a competent service;
  • Always be well educated and have exemplary service;
  • Leave the customer’s house clean after installation;
  • It charges an acceptable price for its service;
  • Ask for internal feedback and referrals;
  • Look for techniques that suit your audience’s demand;
  • Always use top quality safety materials;

Expose your brand wherever you operate

Have you ever passed a house where you have an electronic gate installed and, next to it, a sign with the company that performed the service?

This is a good tactic used by security companies to expose their brand. In need, the person seeks the first available solution to help solve their problem.

It is at that time that she will remember that little sign near her house, pick up the number and call the company.

This is a very smart strategy for companies, but if you are self-employed you can always carry that business card in your pocket.

Finished the job? So don’t forget to give your card to the customer. You represent your own brand, so nothing like a card to show what you do and especially how to hire you.

Have a good presence on social networks

Finally, we must not forget to mention the power of social networks for any type of business. The absolute majority of your customers are there, waiting to know your brand and hire your services. If you sell Samsung cameras, your prospects must know, if you sell Axis cameras, your clients also must know.

Companies that sell security projects have their own marketing strategies for social networks, but that does not prevent a self-employed professional from having their own. So, try to publicize your services as much as possible on the various social media where your friends, family and customers are and don’t be afraid to ask them to share with your friends too.

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